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Javascript to measure download and upload speed

Posted — Jun 13, 2018

JQSpeedTest is a jQuery based plugin to check network speed in between the client and your webserver/application.

JQSpeedTest does NOT REQUIRE SERVER-SIDE SCRIPTING. The implementation is in pure JavaScript and uses NO FLASH.

Supported servertypes are are Apache, IIS, lighttpd, Node.js, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, Tornado and many more juat needs one which accepts posts (therefore no S3).


  • Download bandwidth (speed) test
  • Upload bandwidth (speed) test
  • Response Time (sping) test
  • Multiple test execution
  • Continues test execution
  • State less
  • Complete callback/asynchronous JavaScript based
  • HTTPS (SSL) compatible
  • Webserver independent (Apache, IIS, Nginx…)
  • NO PHP/ASP/JAVA ServerSide scripting required !
  • NO FLASH !
  • GUI independent
  • Good examples using Bootstrap for rendering
  • NOT encrypted or obfuscated, fully open-source!


  • An Webserver handling HTTP(S) that allows GET and POST requests
  • A JavaScript enabled internet browser
  • jQuery 1.3+ or newer

Optional – used in the demo

  • Bootstrap 3.x for rendering
  • Morris.js charts engine


Screenshot 1: Example which executes 1 Downloads, 1 Uplodads and 1 Repsonse Time Checks and shows the time taken

alt text

Screenshot 2: Example which executes 3 Downloads, 3 Uplodads and 3 Repsonse Time Checks and calculates the average

alt text

Screenshot 3: Example which executes 100 Repsonse Time Checks and displays in a Morris.js chart

alt text

Demo and Github Repo:

Demo is available at

GitHub Repo is

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