Solutions for Go, MySQL, PHP, Linux and more

About Me is the personal blog of me, Per Lasse Baasch.

My posts provides solutions, tools and ideas for MySQL, Go, PHP, and Linux.

Just about me, I grew up in Hildesheim Germany and now live in Australia.

What other people say: > Per is a passionate software engineer with 15+ years development experience. Skilled in Go, SQL, PHP, and JS as well as Linux, AWS etc. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Computer Sciences from the University of Kempten, Germany.

Key Skills:

Projects and References:

Neds International P/L ( Online Racing & Sports Betting (Brisbane, Australia)

Strategic Digital ( SEO & Digital Marketing tailored for businesses.

Datanova ( Software Solutions Company (Maroochydore, Australia)

Deutsche Telefon Standard AG ( Voip/IP-Centex soltution provider for businesses (Mainz, Germany)

UBSL ( Network and Software solutions (Eppstein, Germany)

Animedia Kommunikations Design ( Webhousing and webhosting business (Hanover, Germany)

zOOm Media Gallery ( Photo and video gallery component for Joomla (Amsterdam, Netherlands)